Too Many Poodles (New Book!)

Too Many Poodles is a fun, rhyming book about a girl trying her best to get a good night’s sleep despite all the poodles in her bed. Try as she may, the poodles keep coming. Too Many Poodles is a story about making sacrifices for the ones we love. (Melanie J. Vogel, 2019)
TooManyCvr7-12-19_13The story behind the story…This is truly a “write what you know” kind of book. Each night when we lie down to sleep my husband, Roger, and I have to make room for our three poodles. They are miniature poodles, but they really take up the s p a c e  of three standard poodles (maybe it just seems like that to us).
One night I yelled, “Get off the bed and on the floor. No more poodles. No! No more!”Once you’ve said something like that…well, you have to write a book about it.