One of a kind Hot Air Balloon Adventure

A One of a Kind Hot Air Balloon Adventure is a story about two children left alone by their uncle on a hot air balloon ride. In no time they are in trouble, but an amusing cast of characters come to the rescue including a little girl and her puppy, 27 monkeys, and even the man in the moon. (Uncle Dave’s Books, 2017)
One of a Kind banner

The story behind the story…One of my favorite books when I was a kid was about two people who make a sandwich. They keep adding more and more pickles, ham and cheese until the sandwich is so H U G E  that they can’t eat it. A One of a Kind Hot Air Balloon Adventure reminds me of that book.
The two children get caught on an unexpected hot air balloon ride and as more and more people and animals try to help, the story grows more and more ridiculous. I lovethis book because everyone wants to help.