Billy Beakhorn

Billy Beakhorn and the Booger Man is a tale about a boy who wipes his shirt on his nose and brings the Booger Man to life. The devious Booger Man makes the whole town sick. Can Billy stand up to the mess he’s created and put the Booger Man back in his place?
This is a boogers-gone-bad story about kindness and setting wrongs right. (Uncle Dave’s Books, 2016)
Billy cover 1The story behind the story…When I was small my Grandmother, Hazel Shroyer, would say, “Watch out for the booger man!” This was even more terrifying to me than the “boogie man”, because it wasn’t just a scary man. It was a scary man covered in snot.
One day I was telling my publisher, Dave Howard, about this and Billy Beakhorn and The Booger Man was born. The name comes from three words for nose (billbeak and horn) and for my Uncle Bill. I wanted the book to have a lesson about kindness and doing what’s right even when it’s not easy, because those are lessons my grandmothertaught me early on.