Growth and Change

So much is going on in my writerly world.

For starters, I just found out I won the 2022 Firebird Book Award in two categories for Elsewhereville, next week I’ll be a guest on the virtual talk show, Tuesdays with Thom, and the following week starts our back-to-school book giveaway to celebrate the release of You Can’t Ride a Cat.

Meanwhile, I’m still writing and I’m working with more illustrators, designers and formatters on future books. I’m back to doing signings, author visits, and events and meeting (hopefully) new fans of my work. My Facebook page continues to grow (follow me at and I’m figuring out “new-to-me” social media like Instagram, YouTube and even *Gasp* TikTok. (I know! I’m old.)

It’s all very exciting! It can also be a little intimidating to step outside of what you know, to grow and change, but I’m up for the challenge!


Published by

Melanie J. Vogel

I love writing books for kids with BIG imaginations. An expert in the art of daydreaming and counting clouds, I live in the small town of Cumberland, Maryland. I am the momma to one grown daughter. Happily married, I'm a poodle lover, master flower gardener and a casual unicorn spotter. Join me on Facebook at

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