Hello World!


  • “All that I hope to say in books, all that I ever hope to say, is that I love the world.” – E.B. White


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Melanie J. Vogel

I love writing books for kids with BIG imaginations. An expert in the art of daydreaming and counting clouds, I live in the small town of Cumberland, Maryland. I am the momma to one grown daughter. Happily married, I'm a poodle lover, master flower gardener and a casual unicorn spotter. Join me on Facebook at @melaniejvogel.author.

5 thoughts on “Hello World!”

    1. Hi, Carol! Right now my Facebook shop is in review, but you can get my books several ways, through me directly by emailing me at melaniejvogel@yahoo.com with your book order, address and who you would like the book(s) made out to. I accept paypal at @melaniejvogel or you may mail a check. If you live regionally most brick and mortar stores have my books, or you can order my books through amazon by going to my author page at https://author.amazon.com/home . Thank you so much for your interest, and if you have any more questions I can be reached at Melaniejvogel@yahoo.com. Have a GREAT day!


  1. Hello my sweet dear friend Melanie, Mike and I are so pleased that you sent us this link and he will pull you up on Facebook. As always we love and admire who you are and your zany imagination. God bless you both, plus three furries, everyday love you Mike and Jan

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